You know those moments when others don’t seem to get along with you, as if you could not understand each other because you’re too weird. Have you ever felt that you were somehow all wrong in those moments ? Yes, me too. And I hate it, that totally screws everything. Well, there might be another point of view about that, and it might be quite of a release.

Personally I’ve been thinking :
“what’s wrong about me that nobody gets who I am truly ?”
“What did I do wrong ?”
“Am I really incapable of fitting to this world and this reality ?”


Have you ever asked those questions ?
And have you ever noticed that they are not true questions, and put you into the conclusion that your difference is a pit into which you can’t do what you want, be who you are and have what you desire ?
Gosh… What if it was actually the total opposite that was true ?


What if Your difference, if you’d choose to acknowledge and allow it, was in fact the very assets, qualities and potency that would set you free from all those conclusions, and open your reality to even more extraordinary possibilities than you have ever imagined ?


So, each time you feel bad about something, instead of going for the eternal “what’s wrong about me ?”, you may try to ask “what’s different for me ?”, and see what it creates.


Have you ever noticed that the very moment when you start to judge you is that moment when you can rather be grateful for being so different, creative and the capable person you truly are ?
Well, yes it takes courage, the courage to be willing to disturb the established order of other’s expectations, projections and judgments.

Are you willing to disturb this reality that has been keeping you in the negation of your extraordinary capacities ?
What if allowing your difference to be was the most extraordinary thing ever happened in your life ?
Would you be willing to acknowledge that the “extraordinary” disturbs the “ordinary”, the “order-in-area” ?
Are you courageous enough for not choosing to be the guardian of the “formated order” of all the hardships this reality is supposed to be ?
Are you courageous enough to dare and choose to provoque that “formated order”, the judgments it has on you and set you free from all of it ?


So... What’s different about you that if you would acknowledge it, would fulfill all your wishes ?


And are you aware enough to know that it’s not only about you, that if you do so you will as well contribute to others to at last Choose, and dare to be different ?


What if they prefer to keep on judging you ?


Well, for what reason would you put yourself down to validate the limited point of view of anyone ?
Could you acknowledge that those people are actually in a  very lower awareness than yours ?
How long would you still lower yourself down for not disturbing them ?


What if you were truly superior? Is that too much for you ?
Is that an idea you can’t hold or don’t have the right to ?


If you knew that the only fact to allow your difference to be is your way, your only way, and the key to succeed, be happy, get everything you desire and even more than you have ever imagined, would you choose it ?
Would you dare to acknowledge and allow it ?


Would you DARE TO BE totally, irrevocably, and undefinable DIFFERENT ?

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