After running the world for 6 months, I came to spend 10 days alone in my house in Provence – Luberon, far from everyone, to study the coming Certified Facilitators Training.

Today I just had a little walk, 500 feet from the house, and what I found was one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received.

I’m amazed by horses and what they allow to create since I’m 5 years old, I’ve been working with them in unexpected areas of discovery, but what I’m going to tell you is the greatest gift of Consciousness and Vulnerability I can testimony from animals.

There’s a house round there quite like the one I’d love to have, with horses and trees. In the past you couldn’t go through it. But today everything is cleared, and the pathway is shining with colorful lights.

On the left of the house, a green field is opening its space to the nearby mountains supporting this blue sky that swallows references.


At the moment I arrive there, 2 horses run to me, one young white female and a high strong golden male. The male is over excited, jumping and shaking his beauties all around. He runs up to my face, without slowing down his rush, stopping only when his chest finally touches mine. There starts the most beautiful meeting.


He stops moving, at all, staring at me like the open space of possibilities, and starts again to dance with the wind. I first choose to go around any trial of verbal communication with him, and he calms down right away, approaches me skin to skin, and starts to smell and taste me all over my shoulders, mouth and head. Then I choose to go around any mental communication with him, leaving me BE WITH, and he gives me a kiss, drops his head on my shoulders, at peace.


And then I choose to just RECEIVE from him and he gives me the most fabulous hug I’ve ever had, laying down his whole neck in by back, while I embrace him with total care, kindness and gratitude.


What follows has no word for it to be expressed. I cry out of joy for the pure ACKNOWLEDGMENT he gives me, dropping tears of complete gratefulness on his shining side. The only references I then have, are the peerless hugs from my friend Dain (Dr. Dain Heer). I can say that at this time I have a glance of what he can create with horses. Yet, I find no comparison for what a horse is able to gift you with.


What do we do then? Do I climb on him? Nope…

We stop times and thoughts, and enjoy a pure consciousness CONTRIBUTION. Ow yes, I then make the choice and ask for living with such beautiful beings.

The young white horse is there since the beginning, just there, touching my left arm, and at this moment she pushes herself into the hug, putting my head in between both of them, my arms hugging widest than mankind can, their bodies gifting a universe of Ease, Strength, and ALLOWANCE. How Does It Get Any Better Than This® ?


No need to tell you how we played together after that.


Next time I go I’ll give them a Symphony Session…


Oh yes ; thereafter I met a huge old Oak-tree nearby and…
Well, how much do you think I’ve been able to PERCEIVE and RECEIVE from then on…?


Sometimes you receive more than you expect, without having to look quite far.

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