Comfort zone is a coffin for comfort, where comfort dies.



Have you ever wished to be a citizen of this world? Yet in the other hand; have you ever felt somehow unadapted to this world? Did it discourage you sometimes? And rather than trying to adapt your business to this world, what if this world could adapt itself to you and your business? Truth, does the world own you, or do you own the world? What do you know?

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You have an intelligence beyond borders, beyond anything that you have imagined or believed; a amazing capacity that is here waiting for you to enjoy it. If you would choose to enjoy it, what would that create for your business? How this world could effectively fulfil your dreams (you know those things you once knew possible and yet have somehow given up on them)?

We have created the most impermeable intelligence, and we have done it our priority; individuality, (individual-duality), protection and separation. In brief; difference as the ground for judgment. That’s what we were supposed to do, that’s where we were supposed to thrive. What did that bring to you? Did you ever get truly satisfied with it? Is that really what you want to make as your reality? What else is possible?®*

I would like to walk you through a different point of view on your capacities, I would like to propose you another perspective. Are you willing to walk with me around one of the most limitative conclusions we have ever build? It’s called comfort zone. What is beyond it, waiting for your success?



True story

Let’s take an example; say you dream about going abroad and expanding your business to new countries, new cultures, new possibilities. Why not? What keeps you from having fun, ease and success with that? When I was 25 years old I shortly met in France a worldwide teacher whose name is Norbu Khyentse**, he was giving teaching about using our intelligence to create beyond the material conditions of this reality. I very much liked the ease that he was embodying, and how much it was generating joy and glory around him. Everyone was attracted by him. Everything looked so simple around him. After he left I was told that he was also a film director, and that he was shooting a full-length feature film in India for an Australian production, starting in one month. As I had been fascinated by cinema for years, I had a moment of crazy dreaming, where I imagined that I could be with him doing this movie together… How foolish! Me, with this international star? Right… That was just not possible. And even more; I was terrified by the idea of going to India. Well… However impossible that was, I still asked “What would it take to join him? Where is he now?”. And from that moment on, from the moment I got out of my comfort zone of impossibilities, I left myself be driven by the irrational possibilities of this choice: I undertook the most wonderful journey ever, where the most unexpected opportunities where displaying before me as by magic. True story. Before I tell you more about it, let us look at what keeps us from actually thriving in the unexpected, unprojected and sometimes irrational yet wonderful possibilities that are ours. This limitation is what we use to call the comfort zone, this is what have made our intelligence impermeable. And it is a lie.



A confined space of impossibilities

What do you know about it? When you are in this comfort zone, in this comfortable distance, could you confirm that you actually have a so-called comfort, where you truly are in security, in ease, in enjoyment… Is it a place where you receive so much from life that you feel so relaxed with it? That is what comfort is suppose to mean, right? Or did you actually notice that this zone, this distance in which you keep yourself is in fact everything but comfortable? Did you see how much of your troubles and difficulties were actually created from this so-called comfort zone? Did you see that it was a no-space where you are compressed and separated from everything that would nurture you, care for you and give you true pleasure? I am sure you knew that. What a great choice we did there, isn’t it? But did we really choose it, or did we just followed what we were told to do, what we were supposed to believe as a priority and a condition for living in this world? Truth; is the separation and the enclosure of you a condition for life or a condition for death? Would you live long in a box? And would it be comfortable?

Now imagine you are in the nature, in a place you really love, wether it is a mountain, or a see side, or a desert, whatever place you love to go in and enjoy… Get there now… Please. Are you comfortable in there? Are you in security, in ease, in enjoyment, are you relaxed? Are you nurtured, cared for, and do you have pleasure to be alive there? Isn’t that the most comfortable experience? Now look… Where is your zone, where is your distance, that space that you would define as yours and would confine yourself into it? Oops… Where did it go? Aren’t you now the whole space of what you are perceiving around you? Aren’t you opening yourself to it, receiving the gifts here present for you? Don’t you feel more alive in this world? So now would you choose the confined space of impossibilities, to maintain your terminal difficulties, or would you choose the open space of your perceptions, to create the ease and possibilities you once dreamt for?



The first language ever is energy

I know, this sounds irrational. But you know, rationality is what you have used to separate you from the world, from all the resources that the world has for you, unconditionally. Rationality is where you have separated your own capacities and possibilities from what they can generate. This is also where you have separated from others. It is where you have created the difficulty of not being able to be at ease with other cultures, other languages, other realities. You know, before words, before rationality, there’s a primordial language. This first language ever is energy. It plays the fundamental role in communication, in interactions, in actually where you make things done, or not. However, we didn’t learn that much about how to speak the language of energy, maybe because it would have expanded too much our possibilities… When you go out of your comfortable zone and comfortable distance, you make your impermeable intelligence to become an intercultural intelligence, because you start to communicate and interact through energy. You even become capable to understand and speak other’s languages, somehow.

And let me tell you something else: you also become capable to communicate with machines and algorithms. Say what? Yes I know; now it really sounds too much irrational. Let me just give you a short example: imagine you are at an administrative national office and you need a paper from it now, but you’re told that; 1: you don’t have the prerequisites, neither legal nor for the IT system; 2: even if you had them it would take 7 weeks to get the paper you ask for; and 3: the IT system is blocked today… It looks quite impossible to get through that, right? Yet it happened to me, and I had that paper in half an hour. I could give you many other examples. But surely you wouldn’t be able to do that… Just me. Well, that’s just a choice. If you go out of your comfortable box, meaning if you don’t get into the comfort of the conclusions you’re given, you can have what you desire. It becomes possible. It looks like magic, but it is real. It is you choosing your reality. How much could you expand your business with that language of energy? This is where you truly get nurtured by the world, by life. This is where you get acknowledged for who you truly are. You start to be all of you. And your business needs, adores and worships it. You get out of the box that you thought was your condition for life; this so-called comfort. Guess what: it’s not a condition.



Whose comfortable conclusions are those?

When I chose to ask what I could do to go to India and take part in shooting the movie, one day later I found again Norbu, the director of that movie. He was teaching in a place where there was hundreds of people hoping to meet him. Organisers told me there was no way to get to him. But before I get into the ccomfort of that conclusion, I wondered how I could ask for another possibility, and I saw the place where the teacher could be. I went in, and there he was, welcoming me. After I made my request for joining his team, he told me that it was just too late, he has just confirmed and completed the crew, refusing already 400 persons… But before I get into the comfort of that conclusion, I wondered how I could ask for another possibility…. And as I was leaving, he called me back and said “Listen Ivan, if you manage to be there, we’ll see if we find something for you to do”. I had one month before me. I had to find a work to pay my flight to India. But I hate to do a job just for money, it never gave me any fun. Yet, before I got into the comfort of that conclusion, I wondered what would be fun and easy here. I gave one phone call and had a job right away, next to my home. One month later I had earned the exact amount of the ticket to Dehli. I won’t relate now the pure magic of that travel, maybe soon in another article, but I can already tell you that however India was the most uncomfortable place I could ever imagine, it has been the most comfortable experience ever. After 3 days and nights of an unbelievably easy travel, I arrived in the north of India, next to the Tibet border, opened the door of Norbu Khyentse’s house, the whole crew was there in the patio, they all looked toward me in silence, the director said “Here he is!!”, and everyone applauded and shouted… He then came to me and said “I was waiting for you, you arrive just on time; I need an assistant. Would you like to assist me during the shooting? We’ll stay together all the time”. The dream came true.



What change are you?

But of course this can happen only to me, none of that would happen to you… Right. It won’t happen. Nothing happens. But you can still choose it. Things are created by your choices. As Gary Douglas*** says: “Choice creates”. You can still refuse to take a conclusion for an answer, you can still ask what other possibilities you have. But you are not interested in having so many possibilities, right? You don’t like when there is choice. I understand that. That’s because we believe that when we choose we make a decision that will block us in that thing we have decided. Well, yes it will. Except if you choose again. Who can keep you from choosing? I mean who else than you? No one nor anything can resist your choice. Try me on that one. I’ve been changing by choosing more things in my life than its count in days. But surely you don’t want change, I understand that; the dis-comfort of constant repetition is much more exciting. Or maybe you like change, as you get that change actually is the comfort you can have in life. Life is change, life is impermanence, and that’s why it is comfortable, because it suits our nature, our body, our mind, it suits what we are. We are made of change. When you were a kid, did you ever expect things to be twice the same? No you didn’t; change was your comfort. Where did you burry that comfort? In your comfort zone? Comfort zone is not just a box; it’s the coffin of comfort, it’s where comfort dies. What else of you and your business dies in there?

By the way; if you believe that when you were a kid you did expect things not to change, that’s because you were already not a kid anymore. Sorry. You had already bought into the projections and expectations of your parents or other people. You had already made it yours. Is now the time to let them go?



Discomfort as the new comfort

You got to get that you have created the conditions of  your life and living with the expectations and projections of others. That’s how you separated yourself from those parts of the world that you could create with, those parts of the world that you believe you are afraid of. And that’s exactly why you’ve been rejected several times, that’s why people don’t get you, or don’t understand what you mean, and look at you with a gaze of “what’s wrong with you?”. The projections and expectations of others (that you took as your conditions for life), have generated your partial exclusion from this world, this world in its wholeness, in its oneness and richness. Not your best story. You have created an impermeable intelligence, impermeable to the infinite possibilities you truly have. What else is possible?®* What intercultural intelligence could you have if you would make discomfort your new comfort? What would that create for you and your business? What projections and expectations are you “buying” for your business that keeps it from going global?


On a general basis, the tool of excellence is called question. Whenever you use question, where you could have chosen a conclusion, you expand. Everything is possible. The question is – will you choose it?




Ivan Martin



*Access Consciousness®

**Norbu Khyentse is a Buthanese Lama, scriptwriter, film director and writer.

***Gary Douglas is a best-selling author, international speaker and facilitator, and a founder of Access Consciousness®



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