Kóstas Rígas


A decisive step, which changes the game and allows relational possibilities long awaited!

(Kostas Rigas is Referee Director of the Euroleague and owner of the FIBA Hall of Fame)

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Elodie Adam

Mouriès (France)

Tant de prises de consciences... Et aujourd'hui explorer les possibles avec plus d'aisance et de joie...
Si tu savais tout ce que cela a éclairé...!!

. I’m totally fried, completed, happy!


. Such a space, such a lightness, such a pleasure to receive!!


. You have created an amazing opened space with such a generosity!


. That brings so much clarity and consciousness!


. I have received and sensed such a gratitude, tears of gratitude were dropping off, such an openness, sweetness, warmth! Indescribable.


. Whoooo! What an expansion!, What a sweetness at last! How strong is that! It’s wonderful, I’m in an incredible state of choice, vertiginous!


. Boom! There was a lock and I was looking for the key… Now it’s all open to infinite possibilities, and I choose Me!


. It has just liberate my body! No more pain nor unease of any kind since the end of the call… Just magic now! And so many amazing insights in consciousness now! Tears of gratitude...

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Ivana Palmerini

Verona (Italia)

It changes my life!

I've gained an awareness as never before in my life... And I feel like 20 years younger... The 5 Breathings is a fantastic tool to take as the coffee every day and several times a day!!

. Oh Miracle! Creating so much beauty and joy!


. Such a travel done! Now everything vibrated in the space inside and around me! Such a gift!


. A marvelous call ! An exceptional facilitation!


. All those waves on my body, a lot of lightness, It is an orgasmic Joy!


. A wonderful energy, a powerful sweetness!


. Can’t stop crying with peace, joy and gratitude listening to the replays…


. Such a pleasure, such a joy, such a humour!


. It has changed everything in my relationships!


. Everything is so much easy now !


. I’d like this class to continue infinitely….


. Such a magic sweetness! So inspiring!!


. That was purely magnificent!!


. I have received beyond imaginable! Speechless!