Your session has completely moved my world. I perceived a big release at a many levels. My mind expanded fast. And my physical body gave off of a lot of loads and disturbances. I feel very light, awake and with big strength to act.

The days following the session were totally rich, I was exoanding light as I’ve been told by people.

I felt a strong change at the cellular level perceiving that my cells where expanding in another paradigm and adapting in a new form to act.

The things that were difficult and bothering me during the sessions with my patients, charging myself with physical troubles that were not mine, are not anymore; now I have begun to work in a totally different form with my patients.


I have had very interesting changes with my son. New forms of communication have been established between us. It was like waking up from a long dream and understanding his language while he was understanding mine, at last. Magic!


My mind is very expansive and creative.

My world is opened for new possibilities and I get connected with all of them.

And all this happens after receiving your session of Symphony of Possibilities. You have magic in your hands and in your way of working. You have an extraordinary connection with other dimensions.

I realize the existence of infinite possibilities that open before me from now on...

(Leonor Verdugo _ Bilbao)