Thank you soooo much Ivan, this completely changed my world

Beyond Relational Order class and the previous 2 weekly themes, with a communication training, made it big; 100.000 times more easy, with the family, the quality of relationships, people, the world... Everyone!!


My power came back. I am again who I am! Even my voice have changed!

Also I would like to tell you how much You help to me in the past period. I've been using the tools of Access Consciousness for 2 years, which are wonderful tools. But something has always stopped it again and again. You were the first facilitator who made it clear that this was just the past program that turned on ..( when I wanted to change). and those online classes that you helped us completely eliminated are super good. You're the one who started it again, helped me to let go of the demons and the pain of the past. I've completely changed my body and my whole body since the last body, I've been able to accept the wonderful gifts of life. I've started a lot of new sports that I have not wanted to get rid of, and my sex life has changed completely, lightness and joyful at all levels. These all helped me to know that now I know how to use body tools, this is a fantastic feeling. Thank you.and Thank you  again.