Access Consciousness® - Core classe

This class is about establishing the platform of creating

a different reality for you, where you begin to undo

the limitations you’ve been functioning from.

4 Days Class, available with prerequisite Access Bars®

Access Bars® has opened the door to a reality much more accessible to your choices, in which more becomes possible. Now, how are you going to concretely create what you really wish for? What tools do you have for this?

You have created the possibility of having the life you really desire, it is now about giving it shape.


The Foundation® is a 4-day class containing hundreds of practical tools for all aspects of your life (including many body processes). These tools will allow you to change what you could not change before, to achieve what you thought was impossible and to receive beyond your imagination. In short, The Foundation® allows you to create, generate and design the life you somehow have always known possible for you, though you didn’t know How to make it come true. Is now the time to make it real?


This class is provided by Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators all around the world.

Doing that class also gives you access to the multiplicity of the other Access Consciousness® classes. it is the platform from which you can choose, create and celebrate the multitude of different possibilities that your life can enrich.

For anything to be limiting you, you must be functioning from some form of anti-consciousness or unconsciousness.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing; it goes beyond the polarity of this reality where we are always looking to what is right or wrong. It goes into the Question, the choice, the possibility and the contribution that is truly possible for you.

With this class you will begin to see what limits you and how you can change it. You will be empowered to function from a more conscious space and energy, where you are no longer the effect of this reality but where you can instead start to play with it.

If you could choose anything, what would it be?


This class provides hundreds of tools that allow you to change anything that isn’t working for you in your life.

"Your true potency is your ability to change and transform anything and everything."

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The Foundation®

Access Consciousness®

Prerequisite: Access Bars®

Duration: 4 Days

Investment :  1400€

(for 1st time class)

Country Global Prices apply

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