Access Consciousness® Special Topic Class

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An easier reality in relationship with yourself

& The Possibility of Having More in Life.

Imagine that no one can manipulate you into the throes of confusion, abuse or emotional traps, not even yourself ...

You do not need an intensive training before you can be in this place where you are not disturbed by anything, where you can truly enjoy your freedom and your ability to generate what you like in your life. The only training you need is the pleasure of getting used to this place of freedom, where your mind cannot abuse you anymore or manipulate you out of your consciousness; this place where you know that you always have a different Choice. Here you develop your capacity to Choose.


Having this ability to choose is having the ability to change and generate anything you want to change and generate. It is also a place where you are not subject to emotions, thoughts and feelings, it is a place where you fully enjoy the very fact that you have a Body, that you have Life. Here you do not need training as here you do not belong to any condition, nor rule, nor objective, nor tradition. Here you are invited to create everything, at any time. 

We will use tools that will allow you to use all the other tools you have with greater ease, authenticity and efficiency. It is a multiple passage to an easier life, where you can Have more, and where you can Be more.

What if you could generate the reality and the future that you truly desire, right now?


"With his 30 years of meditation experience (including 6 years spent in intensive meditation retreat with illustrious meditation masters) Ivan Martin, former Buddhist monk, transforms the different traditional approaches to meditation with the extraordinary tools of Access Consciousness®."


You're about to open the door to an experience of life where Ease, Joy and Glory are available unconditionally.

Are you ready to deploy You?

The “Beyond Meditation” class on Access Consciousness website

"Beyond Meditation"

Access Consciousness® Special Topic Class

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 1 Day

Price : 280€ (100% price)

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