Access Consciousness® - Core classes

A 1 day class available without prerequisite

Learning Access Bars®

is not only about discovering an extraordinary body process,

it's also about discovering new perspectives

and leaving behind what prevents you to actualise them...


Access Bars® can be the starting point of a great adventure and it can be something you add to your life that will assist you in creating a greater ease with everything, with everyone, and with yourself and your body.


It is a technique of body healing and mental releasing. This body process is the basis of Access Consciousness® pragmatic tools, practiced in 79 countries. It corresponds to a finger apposition on 32 points on the head, surprisingly easy and accessible to everyone, even to children. No prerequisites are necessary.


The results of a single session exceed all expectations and last for life. Access Bars® relaxes, relieves and heals the body. Access Bars® also releases mental and emotional limitations accumulated in the past. Would you like better health, easy sleep, lost of weight, better relationships, getting rid of anxiety, less stress, and much more?


To receive Access Bars® is to offer to one's life a new beginning, new possibilities, often much greater than you imagined. In a nutshell, you begin to have a lot more of joy, ease and abundance in every aspect of your life. Are you willing to have the life you really want?



Once you received this class, you can choose to be a Practitioner of that very tool. Being an Access Bars® Practitioner gives you many opportunities to create more ease, joy and glory in your life and in the lives of others too.

. You will have the opportunity to offer the extraordinary benefits of this technique to your loved ones.

. You will be able and certified to provide professional sessions at the price you choose (and for which you are the sole beneficiary).

. You will also be able to exchange sessions with other Access Bars® Practitioners and thus receive as many free sessions as you wish.

How does it get any better that this?


. After having received 3 Access Bars® classes from 3 different facilitators, you will be able to choose to "facilitate" the Access Bars® classes yourself.

How does it get any better than this?


. In general, you will truly contribute to more awareness in our world, and create greater opportunities for yourself, for others, and for our future.

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Access Consciousness®

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 1 Day

Price: 300€ (for a first time class)

Country Global Prices apply

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