(a very short Bio of Ivan Martin)


As it is fair to introduce oneself, here are the main features of my journey, which maybe will inspire you ...

After having crossed the world, done twenty food jobs, been a drummer, singer, flautist, bassist and percussionist for a hundred concerts, practiced martial arts and meditation, studied at university then in drama school, been a spectacle photographer, technician, stage manager and actor for theater and cinema, wrote 3 plays, directed a musical… I became a Buddhist monk and went on an intensive “retreat” of meditation and studies. I left this world, finally discouraged that I could find there what I had thought possible. I was 25 years old. 7 years later I came back to this world, but with a whole different perspective...

I studied and graduated in the disciplines of Interpersonal Communication and Change Management - regardless of the title, I "reintegrated" ... After 3 years, after becoming a dad, having done another twenty jobs food, filmed and directed 5 video documentaries, starred in a musical, being a professional mediator, a trainer and a public relations officer ... I finally had gathered enough knowledge to start running my own seminars and could officially support people through transformations of life's possibilities.

I was received in most circles, the course kept straight ahead and the sails wide open ... 8 years later I obtained two additional certifications which allowed me to truly develop my activity. This time I was launched. I was going to create over 200 different seminars and trainings around the world. I also began to receive several public figures and to accompany them in individual sessions. Today I am honored to meet and share my inspirations with some of the Leaders of our future.

What makes the richness of my journey is the choice to go towards exceptional men and women who by their energy, their conscience and their extraordinary know-how, allow me to reveal my inspiration for a greater world. The world I one day knew possible which finally takes shape in front of me.

I owe them all my gratitude:

from Djamel Debbouze to the Dalai Lama, via Dizzy Gillespie, Michael Lonsdale, Nabil Ayouch, Jacques Audiard, Norbu Khyentsé, Jean-Louis Lascoux, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charles Berling, Claude Vaux, Didier Beddard, Oscar Gómez Mata, Trulshik Rinpoche, Chin Shih Wang, Alexandre Desplat, Gerard Edde, Matthieu Ricard, Pema Wangyel, Tenzin Choedrak and especially Shannon O'Hara, Dain Heer and Mr. Gary M. Douglas. Still lots of others were essential to my journey - including my parents.


My name is Ivan, I am 47 years old, my passion is to allow the curious to find and to deploy a true confidence in their capacities, different and unique, which are also the resources of the different world that we know possible .


Ivan Martin, 02.02.2021