Design Your Business Reality

Transform any relational difficulty into your best asset

How much money do you lose with your relational difficulties?

How much are you willing to earn thanks to your relational assets?

Unfold your Management, your Objectives and your Results !



"Immaterial Investment is the first priority of most competitive companies."


Regarding your interpersonal communications;

if you could transform any difficulty into your best asset,
what breakthrough would you create for and as your Business?


Kóstas Rígas

Referee Director of the Euroleague

and owner of the FIBA Hall of Fame

"Ivan brought a decisive step,

which changes the game and allows

relational possibilities long awaited!"

. Going beyond the methods of Interpersonal Communication.

. Creating an unexpected level of Relational Quality and Effectiveness in your interactions.

. Being totally Present and free from personal disturbances.

. Making the difference in communication with your Personal Assets.

. Transforming conflict into Productive and Reliable Trust.

. Valuing, Enabling and Leading Talent, Efficiency and Personal Investment.

What if you had a true Elegance of Potency?

Your 3 very equiped and different classes-workshops:

Specialty for businesses

Specialty for businesses

Specialty for businesses

Level 1 (intermediate):

Create a different communication to free yourself from manipulations and generate the productive dialogue  that was impossible until then.

Level 2 (advanced):
Find the excellent elegance of your Haute Couture in communication, to inspire, create and generate more than you have ever expected with co-workers, partners and customers.

Level 3 (expert):

Establish, maintain and improve a Proficient Empowering Leadership, and thrive from effort to true success and Joy of Business.

Ivan Martin has been received worldwide for 12 years by companies, organisations and teams that choose to improve their professional results. Recognised specialist in Professional Relational Quality, Ivan has also been teaching Meditation in Action for 15 years.


His interventions made the difference in many areas; from trade to politics, including education, professional sports, justice, show business, health, insurance, beauty, fashion, consulting...

Ivan won the Swiss National Award "Label +" in 2011-2012 for his work with the Department of Public Education of the State of Geneva.


Among its references: Group Expedia / Chamber of Professional Mediation and Negotiation / International Basketball Federation (FIBA) / Euroleague / Republic and Canton of Geneva / University of Social Work Switzerland / Songtsen Federation New Dehli / Ali'n Productions Morocco / QBF Quatar / ProAction Canada / Izabela Lapinska Designer / ... In project with Google europe ...

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