An Art of Creation v/s Reaction: Your way or the highway!


Where all adversities become a contribution



When time has come to change something or get what you have been asking for, apparent adversities will manifest. You will at first see it as such, and you may respond to it by reacting in the way you have been used to. For example if you have kept a grudge for someone because of a behavior that hurt you in the past, then if this person manifests again at you in a way that again appears provocative, you will react with the same respond that you chose in the past. That’s a common attitude, a natural response. Yet this "reproduced response" make you no longer responsible for your behavior. 
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Your Response Ability


Instead of considering what is up now in the present time, instead of being INTERESTED by it and asking ourself what would be our best Response to it, we usually jump into the trap. That’s one of the way we make other people responsible for our own behavior. Responsibility is the ability to respond and move quickly; that means the ability to choose a different point of view than those we have been reproducing over and over. « Ow this person has been a trouble maker, so I should defend myself against her/him! » This attitude will get you into struggle, and more trouble. At this point you have lost the interest in what this person could bring to you, just now, as a contribution. That's how we loose our Responsibility for Possibilities. From there we cannot create anything, and this, just because we are reacting. Reaction kills Creation.

It seems that we like to be in trouble. When you choose to react to a trouble-maker and get yourself in fight with this person, do you do that from the point of view that this person has armed you anyway, in one way or another? If you "feel" hurt, then from the belief that you "are" hurt, you attack back to defend your self or your territory. Does that create more for you, or does that destroy more for you? Would you loose something in this fight? Hell yes. And even if you don’t loose your territory or the creation that you were defending, you would most certainly loose your temper and your peace of mind; because you would loose your joy and gratitude - your happiness per se. This in turn would put you in the believe that you need those things that you could have in abundance if you would choose different; things like money for instance. Just sayin’...


Have you ever believed that you were in need of money? If yes, that’s maybe because somewhere you had lost your joy and gratitude. Reaction creates your lost of joy and gratitude. What you want rather is creation, not reaction. Reaction kills creation, right away. The good news is; where there is Creation, there is no more reaction. You don't have to fight against reaction; just create!

Fortunately we have not much practiced creation in the past… I say "fortunately" because then and now we can enjoy practicing it! Is now the time to practice this Art of Creation that Consciousness actually is? Consciousness is an ART, haven’t you noticed? And have you seen anywhere an art that doesn’t require any practice? So now is the time to enjoy that practice, regardless our past and our references; regardless our so-called "education".

We have been educated to react to everything that manifests to us. From there we were supposed to discriminate between what was good or bad for us. At first sight it seemed practical, but on the long run we ended up separated, lonely and desperate; we lost the sight on those things we knew that one day should be possible in our life and living. That's why we haven’t created them , yet.


Now, those very things that you dreamed about, you could not create them without others. And guess who are those who would best contribute to you creating them? Yes, precisely those whom you have been fighting against, reacting to their provocative attitudes. Those where the moments when you actually were receiving the change that you had been asking for.


Time to Create

Are you interested in more? Here is a point: the same shit happens even if you don’t interact with anyone! Are you in quarantine? Great, you can still react! You don’t need to have someone there "provoking" you in order to be in reaction: your own thought, feelings and emotions do that work very well too. So when you find yourself stopped by a compulsive insatisfaction, or slowed down by an obsessive point of view, or distracted by an addictive conclusion about you… That’s the time to create!

Those are the creative times; those moments are like crossroads for you; places where your choice will make a big difference. Either you choose to go as usual into the reaction (so that you don’t have to create something new and different that would eventually make you responsible for your life and living), or you choose to be interested in the possibility that is - at this very time - all yours to be created.


When you choose to create rather than react, enemies become allies. That’s where all adversities become contributions. And that’s where your joy and gratitude - firstly gratitude - will naturally expand in such a way that everything that will manifest to you from there on, will grant you what you truly desire.

Are you still wondering "how" you can choose to reverse this destroying habit of reacting to everything that manifests to you? Maybe because you like to react, and that’s why you don’t create, and that’s ok, no offense, that’s your life, you are at command; no judgment. After all, why would you do something that you dislike? You are free, because you are free to choose. So what are you interested in?

Here’s the thing: it’s either one or the other; you create, or you react. There’s no such thing as an exit way, no backdoor… Every point of view you take is either a creation or a reaction; and reaction creates too! Every point of view you choose will create the very life you are living. How many point of views do you take per day (and night); more or less than a billion? See what you coud create?
Now, some of those moments of choice, whether you create or react, are particularly intense and consequent…

The COR Point

Look; this crossroad where you choose to Create Or React, the « COR Point », is a place where whatever you choose will have a great impact. So you see there’s no one better choice than another, not a big deal! If you choose to react, you will greatly go back to Square One, denying the awarenesses you had and the choices you actualized since... This step to which you go back, this Square One, is the place where you lastly chose to create instead of reacting, that was a « COR Point » from which you took a leap and created something different, and it is a basis that you will never loose, a ground for you consciousness and a platform for your creations.


From there you can take another leap forward, and jump more greatly than you ever have before. It may bring you to some places where you find everything new and undefined, which may appear uncomfortable. That's why sometimes you find yourself in situations that appears very challenging, where you may react... Or choose to Create.
What does « choose to create » means? It's very easy and simple; it means you choose not to react. I know it sounds childish, but hey; what if things were much more easier and simpler than we've been told? Truth is, if you get Interested by what is front of you, you get infinite possibilities for you. And you know what? Interest is your natural state, so when you just stop reacting and you then get more present and aware, you naturally create already, just by the interest you have in possibilities.

Remember; when you get into reaction, possibilities hide behind what is manifested at you at the very moment you want to react to it. The good news is: as you know how it works, you can still choose to be curious about what is hidden there... And you always have Choice. Always. So everything can change, anytime. This is your true power and your only freedom. If you choose it, it will transform all your hardships into joyful fulfillments. In a nutshell; you choose to be Curious instead of Vicious.


Yes, please admit here that if you choose to react instead of create, then you will look for the most viscous way to have your revenge and punish whoever has had the nerve to provoque, disregard or humiliate you… Even if it’s yourself! Not your best choice.

But if you rather choose to create, you may then discover that what you have been dreaming about - and somehow secretly known as what you truly deserve - is just there, before you, sometimes gifted by an apparent adversity.



What gratitude can you be from there, that would grant you total victory on adversity?

Your only Adversity is your own Reaction to your own Creations.

The funny thing is; had you forgotten your power, that you would believe that those adversities are not your own creations! How ironical…

What a Creator you are!

© Access Ivan Martin 2020


*: What Else Is Possible?® is a tool from Access Consciousness®
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