BEING A HUMANOID... Are you enjoying it?
60mn / FREE
in English + Portuguese

Are you enjoying perceiving all people's fucked-up realities?? What does it take?

How many times a day do you put your experiences of this world at stake?

How many times do you make you wrong for what others can't get from you?

Does it happen that you get there's something you should change about you?

When you get tired, weird, lonely, cranky or discouraged, is there a problem somewhere you try to fix?

What does it take to truly Enjoy each moment of your differences; have you ever truly acknowledged that the more you try and adapt or have the reality you expect to, the more you separate from you?
Though you know you're not, are you still expecting to be a human after all? Truth?

Have you ever truly acknowledged the difference you make in the world simply by being the HUMANOID you are?

Come and check out what Potency you have available in you, to thoroughly Enjoy the most UNDEFINABLE FREEDOM that is to get over any difficulty that you might have though necessary...

After all; is that world a difficult place to be, or is it just you keeping yourself from Being all what that world IS?

BEING A HUMANOID... Are you enjoying it? / 60mn (Eng + Port)

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