Your CURIOSITY is your Multi-Pass; keep it ON! "

"EMPOWERMENT is the one thing that has been fascinating me. In this regard, my greatest gratitude goes to Access®.
My greatest Joy is to allow people to acknowledge the Choice they have over their own life and reality."

Ivan Martin


Ivan was born in New Zealand and grew up in France, he has been claiming different perspectives and spreading Empowering Techniques all around the world since 23 years.

"As a Coach, Bodyworker, Author and Facilitator, Ivan Martin spreads and Empowers the Potency of Living Greater Possibilities, his abilities being indisputably acknowledged." 

(Business & Prestige Magazine) 

An Uncommon Intense Path...

After having studied Sociology at university, Ivan studies and graduates in Performing Arts. He acts, assists, trains and eventually directs (cinema, theatre, music and dance). Alongside annd since the age of 14, Ivan studies and practices Tao therapy, martial arts, Taï Chi Chuan and meditation (with Masters Gerard Edde, Didier Beddar, William Nelson and Chin Shih Wang). He is early encouraged to give trainings alongside his studies.

At the age of 25, he becomes a Buddhist monk and passes 6 complete years in intensive meditation retreat, practicing and receiving teachings and empowerments from about 40 of some of the most genuine meditation masters (HH XIV Dalaï Lama, Khyabje Trulshik Rimpoche, Pema Wangyal, Jigme Khyentse, Dzongsar Khyentse, Dzigar Kongtrul...). Eventually, Ivan takes charge of managing the social life in long term meditation retreat.

Ivan studies Epistemology for 7 years (PhD), after what he certifies as a Specialist in Interpersonal Communication, and becomes a Professional Mediator and Negotiator (CAPM/CPMN). He also get trained as a Gestalt and Psycho-Corporal communication Practitioner (IFCC).
Besides, Ivan regards most preciously his activity as a Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator (holding as well 2 Special Licences in Communication & Total Presence), and most particularly his activity as a Talk To The Entities® Certified Facilitator


Since 15 years Ivan has been endlessly contributing to more ease and possibilities for anyone who would meet him in his Conferences, Classes and Sessions on a worldwide scale.


As for some of his social acknowledgments:

Laureate of the National Contest "Label +" Switzerland 2011-2013 (for creating and facilitating his Relational Quality® Program for the Ministry of Education, with L’Alakran Cie.).

. Former active member of the French Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation (CPMN-ONG), and assisting the Director of the Professional School of Mediation (EPMN).

. Member of the Redaction Committee of the Official Code of Mediation 2009 (FR).

. Distinguished in 2015 for his Expert Communication Training, by Kostas Rigas (Referee Director of the Euroleague and owner of the FIBA Hall of Fame).

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