Your CURIOSITY is your Multi-Pass; keep it ON! "


Former Buddhist Monk who lived 6 years in intensive retreat, then International Speaker, Author and Trainer of seminars and workshops around the world, Certified Facilitator in Interpersonal Communication & Relational Quality®, Professional Mediator (CAPM / CPMN), Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator, Certified Facilitator Talk To The Entities®, SAP®, Gestalt Therapy and Body-Mind Communication Practitioner.

. Laureate of the National Contest "Label +" Switzerland 2011-2013 (for creating and facilitating his Relational Quality® Program for the Ministry of Education, with L’Alakran Cie.).
. Former active member of the French Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation (CPMN).
. Member of the Redaction Committee of the first Official Code of Mediation 2009 (FR).
. Distinguished in 2015 for his Expert Communication Training (Euroleague ; Quatar FB ; FIBA).
. Author of "Ne Les Suis Pas" (Éd. AIM Facilitations)


_ "As a Coach, Bodyworker, Author and Facilitator, Ivan Martin spreads and Empowers the Potency of Living Greater Possibilities, his abilities being indisputably acknowledged. "
(Business & Prestige Magazine) 

_ " Ivan has allowed us to take a decisive step, it's a game-changer that allows long-awaited interpersonal possibilities! "
(Kostas Rigas, Director of Euroleague Referees and owner of the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame)

_ " Beyond titles and names, there is energy, passion, the natural engine of any transformation: curiosity for what is really possible in this world... And which is hidden into Us. To deploy and Celebrate this unfolding of our abilities is what sums up the joy I have to be there, with you. My greatest success? See you choosing that Freedom! "
(Ivan Martin)


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