(Todd Phillips _ 2019)

Todd Phillips is granting the most glaring lighting on our most hidden nooks. How does he achieve this feat? By waking the Phoenix. And what a Phoenix! I challenge anyone who has seen "Joker" to tell me that he or she has not thought about giving Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar for his fascinating performance. To tell you the truth, I am not even sure that the interpretation can be invoked; it is a true incarnation to which the actor has devoted himself, deep down to the bones, whatever it takes, enough to worry about the survival of the actor. At least this acknowledgment comes back to him. And it doesn’t stop there.

We remember the Oscar-winning incarnation of Leonardo DiCaprio whose "Revenant" had chilled us, awakening an uncertain memory of a devastated survival that we must have experienced one day. Here we receive the incarnation of Phoenix as that unacceptably sensitive and rebellious part of our consciousness, which is better watched on the screen than...


(Todd Phillips _ 2019)

Todd Phillips fait l’éclairage le plus criant sur nos recoins les plus cachés. Comment réalise-t-il cette prouesse ? En réveillant le Phoenix. Et quel Phoenix ! Je défie qui que ce soit qui a vu “Joker” de me dire qu’il ou elle n’a pas pensé un instant à donner un Oscar à Joaquin Phoenix pour sa fascinante interprétation. Pour dire vrai, je ne suis pas même sûr qu’on puisse invoquer l’interprétation; c’est une véritable incarnation à laquelle s’est dévoué l’acteur, jusqu’au fond des os, coute que coute, à s’en inquiéter pour la survie de l’acteur. Du moins cette reconnaissance lui revient. Et ça ne sarrette pas là. 

On se rappelle de l’incarnation oscarisée de Leonardo DiCaprio qui en “Revenant” nous avait glacé l’échine, réveillant une mémoire incertaine d’une survie dévastée que nous avons bien dû expérimenter un jour. On reçoit ici l’incarnation de Phoenix comme cette partie inacceptablement sensible et révoltée de notre conscience, qu’il vaut mieux...

Charles have been living in a comfortable world, I mean our comfortable world. You may like to claim that this world hasn't been that much comfortable for you. And that's totally true; it hasn't been comfortable, at all. Neither for Charles indeed, yet he was comfortable with it.

Watch it closer…

Charles has been doing his best to appear comfortable to others. I’m not saying that he hasn't complained about his life during his conversations with others, I'm saying that he might have thrived in maintaining an almost unstained appearance of him, despite all the troubles he went through. He has been so good at it, that even his own closest friends, who knew about his troubles (as he entertained them with the stories of it), wondered how he could manage to go through such hardships without getting insane. Charles might even have gained some pride out of this sleight of hand. Why not after all? He indeed have eventually quite mastered this game of shadows. But was that for his best interest?


Have you ever defeated a king with he’s own weapons?

“I think therefore I am.” You know that statement, right? To my point of view, it would be disregarding our own intelligence to leave that reference aside while we are watching closely how we deal with mind and thoughts… 

In Europe, to say the least, this statement and the Method from which it is extracted has laid down a blue print for how to deal with our consciousness, guiding us on how we should conduct it. Indeed, it constitutes another example of the confusion that brought us to believe that consciousness should be conducted by mind, rather than mind conducted by consciousness. However, amongst the main references and arguments that we took from this Method to build and maintain an overpowering confusion, some of them could have been totally misunderstood and interpreted backwards…. Maybe because their meaning was voluntarily made non-obvious, nay hidden. Why that? Perhaps to elude the lethal judgement of those in power in that t...

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I was a monk living in the forest

I used to pray, study and meditate. Quite a lot. That was my way to remain alive. Actually that was my way to survive this world. And one day I stopped. That’s where everything started.

Praying, studying and meditating were the places and the moments where I would retrieve my "self" and put it together, in a peaceful gathering of awareness and care. That was also my way to connect to others and to the world. In fact, without it I felt like a zombie. So yes, I meditated and prayed a lot, to keep being alive. That was about 15 hours per day during long years, receiving as well great advices during that time, time, time, time… Well, that was a lot about “time”; the flying away time; the time left to learn more, to learn all that I didn’t “know”. Mmm… Truth is; at that time I didn’t know that I knew.

The life I believed I had then, was indeed a survival; I had given-up on that world, I had renounced it, totally. I was a monk living in t...

Descartes mène peut-être par le bout du nez celui qui l’empêche d’écrire, en lui faisant, bien malgré lui, démontrer l’art de l’hérésie. Mieux que de cacher ses opinions dans un emballage distordu, qui suspect le pourrait plus tard forcer à se fourvoyer, il excelle en l’art de duper la censure en se faisant porte-drapeau de la cause qu’il réfute. Pourquoi? Pour donner au lecteur une recette de l’autonomie de penser et d’agir, c'est à dire la liberté de choisir.

Have you ever wished to be a citizen of this world? Yet in the other hand; have you ever felt somehow unadapted to this world? Did it discourage you sometimes? And rather than trying to adapt your business to this world, what if this world could adapt itself to you and your business? Truth, does the world own you, or do you own the world? What do you know?

You can also read it in Polish

You have an intelligence beyond borders, beyond anything that you have imagined or believed; a amazing capacity that is here waiting for you to enjoy it. If you would choose to enjoy it, what would that create for your business? How this world could effectively fulfil your dreams (you know those things you once knew possible and yet have somehow given up on them)?

We have created the most impermeable intelligence, and we have done it our priority; individuality, (individual-duality), protection and separation. In brief; difference as the ground for judgment. That’s what we were supposed to do, that’s...

An article written by Ivan Martin for "Business and Prestige" Whatever the culture, if money could talk as a “friend”, it would say that it has been waiting for a long time to be acknowledged for what it can be and what it can create with us… Are you willing to have a new friend who could truly have your back?

From "Often, we do not allow ourselves to notice what we have already achieved, because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. "- Ivan Martin

You know those moments when others don’t seem to get along with you, as if you could not understand each other because you’re too weird. Have you ever felt that you were somehow all wrong in those moments ? Yes, me too. And I hate it, that totally screws everything.

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